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Trailer Watch – Opening April 13th and 19th, 2007

I’m working on a big project for my professor at the moment in addition to forcing my way through Hurston criticism for my paper, so I don’t have time to do the trailer watch justice (you’ll notice I didn’t do it last week either). I hate making resolutions to do something on a regular basis and then not be able to do it after only two weeks. But here’s a brief look at what looks good…

April 19th

Vacancy – Not into snuff horror, though I do like both Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale, and it looks like it’s got an interesting atmospheric quality. Will probably skip.

Fracture – Anthony Hopkins is trying to recapture the glory of Silence of the Lambs, but this doesn’t look to be the thriller that’ll do it.

Hot Fuzz – From the people who brought us the delightful zombie comedy Shaun of the Dead (as delightful as zombies can be, anyway) comes this comedic cop tale. I’m going to try to get down to Austin to check this one out as soon as I have time, so yeah. Definite recommendation from me, sight unseen. Best Bet

In the Land of Women – Adam Brody is like the cutest thing every made, and though this film is getting slammed by critics (I think Rotten Tomatoes had it at 37% last time I checked), I wouldn’t necessarily avoid it. Limited.

The Valet – French comedy; it doesn’t look good per se, but it looks amusing in a very French way. Which is pretty much what the Andrew O’Herlihy said over at Salon.com (his “Beyond the Multiplex” column is always good reading, by the way–it’s a great source for finding those out-of-the-way or only-playing-in-NYC films). Limited.

The Tripper – I haven’t heard of this one, honestly, but “David Arquette’s directorial debut” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Limited.

Stephanie Daley – This is one of those that I’ve only heard of through O’Herlihy’s “Beyond the Multiplex,” and he really, really liked it. The subject matter looks pretty dark: Amber Tamblyn plays a teen who may or may not have concealed her pregnancy and killed her newborn baby. But Tamblyn is one of the best of the current crop of teen actresses, and Tilda Swinton is in here too, which gives the film indie cred out the wazoo. New York.

April 13th

Perfect Stranger – You’d think a thriller with Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, and Giovanni Ribisi would be good. Doesn’t look that way–the trailer’s bad, the buzz is bad, and the reviews are bad.

Disturbia – I’m actually interested in seeing this. It’s probably the echoes of Rear Window, which is, like, my favorite movie ever. I like the way it’s remaking Rear Window, but not exactly. Plus Shia LaBeouf, regardless of his difficult name, is pretty cute, in a way-too-young sort of way. Best Bet

Pathfinder – I couldn’t even find a trailer for this a few weeks ago, and it’s been getting horrible reviews as not nearly actiony enough for an action film and not nearly thoughtful enough for anything else.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theatres – I have some friends who really love this Cartoon Network Adult Swim show, but I’ve never watched it, and from what I hear, only fans of the TV show are going to like the film.

Year of the Dog – Molly Shannon as a forty-something single woman. Could be any number of things, but I’m hearing that it’s sweet, warm, and funny in a good way. It’s being compared to the similarly-themed The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but I sense that it’s a little less focused on getting laid and more focused on forging a relationship. I could be wrong. I haven’t seen either one. Limited. Best Bet

Redline – Hey, it’s The Fast and the Furious, but with a Hong Kong director. No, really. That’s basically all it is. Limited.

Slow Burn – According to IMDb, this was made in 2005, and is just now being released. This is not a good sign. Neither is the incomprehensible trailer. Some movies reward you having to figure them out, but judging from the early reviews and my own instincts…this ain’t one of them. Limited.

Trailer Watch – Opening March 30

Meant to post this Thursday. Forgot. That’s what I get for writing it early and leaving it in draft status…ah well.

This week’s trailers. My pick for one I’d go see: The Lookout. My pick for top box office of this group: Blades of Glory. The art film of the week is Denmark’s After the Wedding, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, but it’s only in New York and LA. I looked up the theatre listings for New York the other day just for kicks, and almost packed up my belongings to move there that instant. But then I reminded myself that by the time I paid the rent, I wouldn’t be able to afford the movie tickets. Or the parking. Or the cab fare. Or food. So I decided to wait for more opportune circumstances to avail myself of the incredible New York filmgoing scene.

Trailers and commentary after the jump.

Trailer Watch – Highly Anticipated by Me (as of 3/20/07)

Here are some of the films I’m looking forward to in the next…year. I haven’t kept up on trailer watching, so these are mostly big releases and many of them are duhs. Oh well.

Embedded trailers and my reactions after the jump. Warning: VERY LONG.

Trailer Watch – Opening March 23, 2007

I’ve been struggling to figure out how best to showcase upcoming films–if I use IMDb’s release schedule, it’s sometimes hard to find the trailers. If I use the trailer sites, it’s sometimes difficult to get correct release dates. Even so, how do I deal with limited release films that may open in NY/LA this week, but not go into general release for months, perhaps? What about festival films? I’m still not decided, but the longer I put it off, the more films pass by without my saying anything. And I want to say stuff, dang it! That is, after all, the whole point of blogging. So the inaugural post in the Trailer Watch series is going to be a relatively innocuous look at what’s opening this week. I’ll probably follow in a few hours with a hodgepodge of films coming later in the year that I’m personally excited about.

(This is also an attempt to have something to post regularly, so that I DO post regularly, about something. Just to get in the habit.)

Trailers and my reactions after the jump.

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