“Home” is a weird concept right now. Is “home” my parents’ house, where I haven’t lived for three years? Is “home” my haphazard apartment at school, where I know I’ll only live for another year and three months? Is “home” my apartment in St. Louis, which is no longer my apartment? Not that any of that is really bothering me that much…I’m not much of a “home”-centric person anyway. All my stuff is at school, so I guess that’s home.

Anyway. That was random. Tired now, so bulleted update.

  • Back in Texas.
  • Slot-car section of highway south of Dallas (due to road construction) made even less fun by TORRENTIAL RAINS. I exaggerate, but not much.
  • I had to almost randomly reassign books and DVDs to new genres in order to make all the new ones I bought and received over Christmas fit on my shelves. After being really good about not buying things over the past year, I sorta binged.
  • XM Radio is the best Christmas gift ever. Made the trip down AWESOME. Except for the TORRENTIAL RAINS at the end.
  • Cinematical is hiring a new blogger. It’s one of my favorite film blogs, and I would adore to write for it. But they’re looking for someone to be posting 2-3 times a day, and I’m pretty sure I can’t keep that pace up with school. Hopefully they’ll happen to need a new writer in about a year and a half, and I can apply then. ;)
  • American Idol starts in like a week! I’ve stopped even pretending to be ashamed by my addiction to that show.
  • Bed now. No. A bit more of Possession, then bed. I was reading it while eating dinner, and almost couldn’t tear myself away to start driving again. Yet, once I got home, did I immediately start reading it or gravitate to TV and internet? Sigh. What’s wrong with me?