The Silent Movie Theatre in LA has become a full-fledged revival house, a cinematheque almost, if you will. It’s not just showing silent films, either.

Here’s the full program for November and December (pdf). Starting with François Truffaut’s Antoine Doinel series, on to a couple of film noir specials, some world cinema and some silent cinema…plus lots of other stuff I don’t care about quite as much. But the best thing? $25 a month gets you UNLIMITED ADMISSIONS for yourself. Dude, I would be there ALL the time. For serious. One of my friends in Wales has a cinema that does this flat-fee-for-unlimited-admissions things, and I’ve always been so jealous. Now I can be jealous of LA people, too. Does anyone know if Film Forum does something like this in New York? Because that’s my other major cinema lust candidate.

Anyway. Yeah. Further solidifying my intent to some day live in a big city that has an equivalent of these rep houses.

Hat tip Karina on Spoutblog.

In unrelated news, my WordPress admin interface is frelled up. Not showing any graphics or anything. It’s like all the css is stripped off it. But the blog itself looks fine to me; does it look fine to y’all? And the admin dashboard looks fine on all the other WP sites I have hosted on the same server, so I have no clue what is causing this or how to fix it, but it’s mucho annoying.