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So You Think You Can Dance Top 12

I almost forgot to watch SYTYCD tonight, since I was enjoying my personal Firefly marathon a little too much. I nearly decided to just let the DVR catch SYTYCD and continue with Captain Mal and the crew, but I’ve been doing that for a few days now, and the DVR is nearly full (getting movies off TCM really eats the disc space).

Awww!!! Last week for our beloved couples! :( That makes me sad. I don’t like it when they change up partners. I’m also sad that Wade is on the panel, because that means he won’t choreograph. Dude, I totally said that before Nigel did. Did Nigel get a haircut? Also, Cat? Asking the audience to say “judges” for you every.single.week is GETTING INCREDIBLY OLD. Normally, you don’t bother me too much, but I pretty much want to smack you now whenever you do that.

Rundown after the cut; I’ll add video (with rehearsals and judging) tomorrow.

edit: I’ve added commentary on the eliminations, but Photobucket is being a bitca, so I don’t have the videos ready yet. Hopefully sometime tonight, or else tomorrow.

edit2: The videos are up now.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 14

Yay, new SYTYCD! I’m inordinately excited! But also somewhat subdued because I went to see Harry Potter 5 at midnight last night, and then got up for class at seven, and am now sort of in a daze. Still, I’m quite excited enough to make it through SYTYCD with no problems. ;) BTW, my brief take on HP5 is that though book purists may decry how much was left out, it was very well-done as a film. And after all, the book was 900 pages long. I enjoyed pretty much every second except, like, ten. But saying more would get spoilery, and most everybody who’s seen it will know which ten seconds didn’t quite live up to the book.

I didn’t have a problem with them eliminating Jessi, but I wish when Nigel was discussing that controversial decision, he’d talked a little bit about WHY they chose her to go instead of just defending their right to make the decision. He didn’t come across as defensive, which was good, but still…my only concern about Jessi’s elimination was that it was so sudden and without any spoken justification.

edit: Now with video. I know some of you sometimes miss the show; would you like me to include the judging section and/or the rehearsal section as well as the dance itself? In the meantime, here’s my pick for the best dance of the night: Sara and Pasha’s West Coast Swing, choreographed by Benji Schwimmer. Everything else is below the jump.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 16

I’m going to go ahead and post the recap now. I’ll add video hopefully tomorrow. They’re all so good, y’all, picking a bottom three is basically impossible.

edit: now with competition videos! Here’s the best one tonight, in my opinion: Jaimie and Hok dancing Wade Robson’s jazz number.

So You Think You Can Dance Top 18

You guys need to be watching this show. Seriously, EVERYBODY was good this week. And this week, I have video to prove it! I’ll tease my favorite routine outside the cut; click through to see all the rest, complete with very subjective commentary as usual. This is Lacey and Kameron, dancing Broadway to “All That Jazz”. I love Broadway, which you know. I also have decided that Lacey and Kameron are, as of this moment, my favorites (since their contemporary routine last week was also incredible).

So You Think You Can Dance Top 20

Whee! I’m so super-excited!! It’s gonna be a good show this year, folks. And I know I said I wasn’t going to blog it, but…I’m super-excited!! Did I mention that already? Whatever. I wrote this all during the show, but was trying to wait until I could include video–unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get a digital copy of the show yet in order to extract the video clips I want. This post includes both competition run-down and results after the jump.

edit: Now with different video. :)

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