50 Day Movie Challenge

This challenge has been going around on Facebook and a friend is doing it on his blog, too. Since I’m not that much of a Facebook person, and am always looking for good blogging motivation, I thought I’d take up his idea and do it here.

Basically it’s a set of 50 questions encouraging you to answer specific questions with a few paragraphs and a movie clip. I think the original challenge is more clip-specific, but some of my answers don’t have clips on YouTube, so I’ll do my best to use clips, but images may have to do in some cases. Lots of these questions are pretty tough, and lots of them could also have a different answer if you asked me next week. In any case, they’re all good for getting thoughts flying freely and discussion going.

Here’s the full list of questions:

1) Your favorite movie
2) The first movie you remember seeing in theatres
3) The movie you’ve seen the most (repeatedly) in your life
4) Your favorite animated film
5) Your favorite documentary
6) Your least favorite movie by your favorite director
7) Your favorite movie soundtrack
8) Your favorite opening sequence
9) Your favorite movie ending
10) The movie that least deserved to win Best Picture at the Oscars
11) A movie you walked out on in theatres
12) Your favorite male performance
13) Your favorite female performance
14) A movie that made you cry
15) Biggest movie character crush
16) The scariest movie you’ve ever seen
17) The funniest movie you’ve ever seen
18) A movie that disturbed you
19) A movie you’re surprised you enjoyed
20) A movie you thought you would love but were disappointed
21) A movie that most fans and critics loved (but you hated)
22) A movie that most fans and critics hated (but you loved)
23) A movie you think is critically or commercially overrated
24) The most beautiful movie you’ve ever seen
25) The best-scripted movie you’ve ever seen
26) The most embarrassing movie in your personal collection
27) An iconic movie that you still haven’t seen
28) A movie you REFUSE to see
29) The one movie you think everyone should see
30) The last movie you saw in theatres
31) The worst movie you’ve ever seen
32) Favorite sequel
33) Favorite remake
34) favorite series
35) Favorite book-to-screen adaptation
36) Most Uncomfortable Date Movie
37) A film you could never watch with your parents
38) Movie World that you would most want to live in
39) Favourite Musical
40) Favourite Movie Death
41) A film that you quote most
42) A movie that you would love to tour the locations for
43) Your favourite music scene from a non-musical
44) Your favourite comfort film
45) A movie that turned you on
46) A film you would like to remake
47) Currently unfilmed book or idea that should be a film
48) Movie Scene That Most Makes You Wince
49) A Movie that will always make you think of a special moment
50) Favourite Black and white film

I’m going to do my darndest to get one of these in every day, and I’ll link them from this post as I do them.