50DMC #27: Iconic Movie I Haven’t Seen

The 50 Day Movie Challenge asks one question every day, to be answered by a few paragraphs and a clip, if possible. Click here for the full list of questions.

Today’s prompt: What’s an iconic movie you still haven’t seen?

This is basically a List of Shame question, and I’m slowly working my way through what I consider the most shameful omissions in my cinematic vocabulary; knocked two of them, A Streetcar Named Desire and The Grapes of Wrath off my list within the past couple of months. I think the one I’d consider the most iconic that I still haven’t gotten to yet, though, is Aliens – an omission that my friend Nathan Chase won’t let me forget!

I have seen Alien, several years ago, and I didn’t care for it as much as I’d hoped – but I’m far more into hard sci-fi and horror now than I was then, and I expect a rewatch on that would improve it greatly for me. But I do blame my apathy towards the first film for not having yet moved on to the second, which most people say is better. Aliens is definitely in my watching plans for sometime in the near future.