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Today’s prompt: What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?


There aren’t too many horror films I’ve seen, actually, though I’m starting to get more into them these days. Generally, I don’t actually find them that scary. Probably the scariest film I’ve seen objectively is the South Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters – the sound design on that is creepy enough that I did have to pause it a few times just to get my real-world bearings again. But the film that scared me personally the most is What Lies Beneath, so I’m going to go with that.

It’s not really that scary a film, a jump-scare-filled Hitchcock throwback with a bit of a supernatural twist, but here’s the thing. SPOILER FOLLOWS. The loving and concerned husband/father Harrison Ford turns out to be the murderer, and a pretty despicable one at that. All my experiences of Harrison Ford up to this point had been of him as a hero, so seeing him as a villain was seriously traumatizing. If he could turn out to be a monster, ANYONE could be. I almost didn’t sleep for about three days, afraid my dad was going to come ax murder me or something. Which was ridiculous. But yeah. I’ve never had that strong a reaction to any other film.