Exciting Times in the Frame Household

Observant readers may have noticed that the last post on The Frame is dated something like three months ago, which essentially means I’ve been on unannounced hiatus for a while. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, there’s a good chance you already know my big news, but as I’m starting to get the writing bug again and want to get back into the blog, a bit of an explanation seemed to be in order. My husband Jonathan and I are expecting our first child next March, so the last few months have been spent doing a lot of sleeping and resting as I get used to sharing my body with another person, and the last few weeks have been spent moving into a new apartment with shorter commutes and bigger rooms for all the baby stuff we’ll be acquiring very soon.

Things seem to be settling into more of a routine now, though, and I’m hoping to at least keep up a little better with movie watching and writing than I have been. We found out a few weeks ago that it’s a girl, and we’re pretty stoked to share our love of everything movies with her. (To the question I’m learning is inevitable: yes, we have a name picked out, but we’re keeping it to ourselves for now.) I’m sure as she grows old enough to start watching movies with us, I’ll be posting more about her and the movies we’re watching with her.


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  1. Wow! Congratulations on the impending premier. Now we need to gather a list of appropriate films for you to be watching so the little one starts off with right influences.

    • She seemed to quite enjoy both Wreck-It Ralph and Anna Karenina during the last few weeks, judging by the amount she moved around during them. Not sure that’s an accurate barometer of her tastes just yet, though. :)

  2. Congratulations! I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to post again, and I’m happy to hear the good news.

    • Thanks! It may turn out to be a short window of posting before the baby comes and takes up all my sleep again, but hey, something is better than nothing. :)

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