Our Little Future Movie Fan

I meant to do this post much earlier, but as anyone out there with kids will understand, they’re kind of time-consuming, especially in the first few weeks. Our daughter was born March 1st, and thus is six weeks old today. As may come as no surprise to anyone who recognizes my blog header image, we named her Karina – inspired by, though not necessarily after, actress Anna Karina.

So far she’s shown little interest in any of the fine video content we’ve exposed her to, from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Mildred Pierce to Archer to The Amazing Race. Ah well. On the good side, she seems to enjoy all the music we’ve played, so I’m sure we’ll get there on the visual content when she has the ability to, like, see it.

Here are a few pictures taken throughout the past six weeks. Most were taken by me or Jonathan on our phones or with our Canon Rebel; the hospital ones were taken by our friend and professional photographer Sarah.

Note that this post is the 1000th published post on The Frame. I think that’s appropriate. :)


Scorecard: January-February 2013


Scorecard: March-May 2013


  1. So cute! Congrats!

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