This has been a long time in the works. Even after I decided to just go with picture instead of blurbs and the whole bit, it still took me like two weeks to put together. Lots of interruptions lately. The baby is crawling, and she has the best cord-finding radar I’ve ever seen. Anyway. Not a lot of films watched the past few months, but a good variety, I think. Unsurprisingly Joss Whedon comes out on top.

What I Loved

Much Ado About Nothing

Ed Wood

The World’s End

Fort Apache


On the Town (1949; Stanley Donen & Gene Kelly)

What I Really Liked

Side Effects

Cool Hand Luke


56 Up

Red-Headed Woman

Never Weaken

What I Liked

The Muppets

Man of Steel


The Office Wife

Ride Lonesome

What I Thought Was Okay

Star Trek: Into Darkness


What I Didn’t Like

A Woman’s Secret